Exhaust Fan – Types and Necessity

ffrExhaust fans are utmost necessity in modern day living. The congested living of small houses and flats are not leaving any place to breath freely. Since most of the times

rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are locked up for hours, the air become humid and polluted. In modern living, houses do not have the proper ventilation gate way.

Moreover, the ceiling is lower that makes the ventilation process difficult. To make it odour free and fresh, exhaust fans are needed to be installed in houses.

There are three typical exhaust fans,

€ Ceiling mounted

€ Window mounted

€ Kitchen range

Ceiling Mounted Fan

The name suggests the placement of it. These fans are installed in the ceiling to let the air out directly from the roof. They are generally attached with ducting that brings

the air outside the home. Capable of ventilating a big area, these fans are really helpful.

Window Mounted Fans

The position of these fans is over the window. It helps to ventilate in a small area. Perfect for using in home, these fans are very helpful to retain the freshness of the

home. These fans are often used in the ventilation of bathroom.

Kitchen Range Fan

An exhaust fan is a must have in any kitchen. The whole room becomes sticky and full of foul smell if the ventilation is not proper. Kitchen range exhaust fans are

needed to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the kitchen. They are particularly equipped to maintain the clean atmosphere in stuffy kitchen.


We often end up thinking that the only utility of exhaust fan is to clear the polluted air of the room, bathroom or kitchen. But it has many underlying utility too. There are

many needs it fulfils that make it an essential commodity in modern living.

€ While you are cooking in the kitchen the whole room becomes stuffy, hot and unhygenic with smoke and smell of food and wet vegetables. There is also the foul

smell of gas that keeps on assaulting the nostril of the person who spends hours in the kitchen. The glistening oil also affects the furnishing and the paint of not only

the kitchen but of the whole room. As a result, the pristine wall becomes covered with black shade. To retain the healthy and clean look of the house, exhaust fans are

very helpful. It drives out the smoke and the oil off the room and keeps the environment smell free. Whoever is spending time in kitchen while cooking, will be free from

enduring the foul smell too.

€ The atmosphere of bathroom is generally full of moisture. In such condition, a foul odour develops in bathroom. Lack of proper ventilation adds to the whole problem.

Exhaust fans keep the atmosphere of bathroom clean, dry and tidy. It also helps to keep the rust at bay from affecting the metallic shower heads.
Find the best company and buy exhaust fan in India. Keep the air fresh and healthy in your home.

Let Your Business Bloom With the Support of Performing POS Systems

Dealing with customers is not an easy job. Ask the business owners or the people who work in hospitality or the retail sector and they shall jump with hordes of inputs on this topic. Customer remains the king in the service industry and the smallest of mistake can cost a huge loss. Therefore, business owners have now fastened their seat-belts and geared up to serve their customers in the most delightful manner. In order to accomplish this, they just do not look at the front-end, however the back-end operations also needs to be accelerated in order to deliver committed service. Customer do not like a delay and they love brands who are fast, efficient and do not compromise with quality. Achieving this momentum is a juggling activity. It also requires thinking differently and from the customer’s point of view. Knowing your customer and their needs is the biggest challenge for businesses today. Gathering this information is crucial and that too in a very easy and friendly manner. The people or the team associated in this job is always on their toes and they do not lose a chance to seek this data. Besides this, the sales have to go on and the entire show has to run in synchronization.

POS systems have a huge role to play in such businesses, when customer service is the centric activity. Most of the businesses have this automated system as a part of their infrastructure which has a multiple role to play. A POS system (kassasysteem) comes to their rescue while seeking real time data to run their operations, manage the finances and also know their customers. This all in one and many more features makes this automated software a rave in hospitality industry. If we dig out into the rich features of the POS system, we can trace that this software does almost all the crucial jobs of the business, which otherwise would have been stressful and tedious job to be done manually. Maintaining the account books, sales transactions, customer data and purchase history, inventory statistics, creating invoices etc are done in no seconds with the help of this multitasking system.

Business owners have welcomed such software solutions which give them real time data and help them gain critical business insights. UNTILL is a branded POS system which has been launched by AlfaPOS in Belgium. This automated touch screen POS is been rampantly used across hospitality industry in Belgium. Its rich features have made their job easy and they are glad to see the business snapshots at their fingertips. This also frees their time to concentrate on core areas of the business and leverage their customer’s experience. A POS system actually acts as a boon when there is lot of inventory churning and also customers are the stakeholders of your business.

A POS system is a must-try system for almost all businesses which are customer-centric and wish to develop a niche image in the minds of their customers.

Growing Mustard Seeds


Mustard seeds are the small round seeds that will help in development of many mustard plants. The size of the seeds is about 1 or 2mm diameter. The color of the mustard seeds may vary from yellowish white to black. It is the most important herbs of the regional foods. The seeds can be obtained from three different plants,

1. Black Mustard
2. Brown Indian Mustard
3. White Mustard

Cultivation of mustard seeds
Mustard will take three to ten days to grow when placed in a proper condition. Generally mustard grows well in temperate region. Growing mustard seeds will need a cold temperature and relatively moist soil to grow. Matured seeds will be considered as shrubs of mustard plants. Brown and black mustard seeds produce more yield than their yellow counterparts.

Planting of mustard seeds

Mustard plants are grown from seeds but also developed from purchased plant let as well. While selecting seeds for planting, any mustard plant grown for green can also be selected. Plant the seeds before 3 weeks of the frost date, 1 inch apart from the soil. Once they bud, thin the seedling into 6 inches apart.

How to grow mustard seeds

Once mustard Plant start growing then we need to take little care. It is easy to develop the bud as flower, while it is placed in a cold weather. Otherwise it will produce poor flower and seeds. It will need 2 inches of water a week. Mustard plants don’t need fertilizer if it is planted in well amended soil, otherwise add a balanced fertilizer to roots once the plants are 3-4 inches tall. But make sure soil is nutrient rich or not, before using the fertilizer.

How to harvest

Growing mustard plants will give the flower and gives seeds again. The flowers of mustard plants are generally yellow but some varieties are in white color. As the flower grows and matures it will produce the pods. Observe the pods until it turns over brown. Another indication of the plant nearing to harvest is the change in the color of the leaves to yellow. Do not leave the seeds for too long, they will burst open while fully ripe and the yield will decrease. The next step of harvesting is to remove the seeds from pods. This will be done either manually or by placing the flower heads in a paper bag and allowing them to mature. The pods will open on their own in 1-2 weeks. Do not shake the bags as this will lead to decrease in yield.

Getting more yield and better variety of mustard with the help of biofield energy transmission

Biomedical energy transmission which is a natural method of transforming living organisms is highly useful in providing more yield of mustard and in decreasing the infection. Growing mustard plants using the biomedical energy transmission is a great way to produce high quality mustard seeds. To have an in-depth idea on how to develop mustard seeds that are of high quality using a natural method.

Benefits Of Chick Pea

The chick pea also called as Cicer Arietinum, is a legume of the Fabaceae family. The seeds of chick pea are rich in protein. The world’s largest producer of chickpea is India. Chickpea plays a significant role in human food as it is a good source of minerals and vitamins. It also contains many other important nutrients. Chick pea is widely consumed in tropical and the subtropical areas. They have various nutritional values in comparison to other available legume seeds. The raw and freeze dried, cooked chickpeas have lower protein contents and lowest insoluble fiber. It is rich in essential amino acids like lysine, tryptophan, isoleucine and aromatic amino acids. The leaves of chickpea have a higher mineral content. It has a good source of minerals like MG, Fe, P, K, and Ca.

Chick peas also called as Garbanzo beans. These little legumes are a healthy treat that must incorporate in your diet. They are very helpful in controlling weight because the regular intake of cup or 125 ml of chickpeas can keep you feeling full, and you will consume fewer calories. They are also helpful in reducing levels of bad cholesterol, which consequently reduces the risk of heart disease. Chick peas have multiple uses like they are used in salads, curries, soups, stews and so on. The high-protein chick pea flour can also be used to make pakoras and pancakes.

Chick pea is an important pulse crop grown and consumed throughout the world. Due to greater importance and list of benefits Mr. Mahendra Trivedi provided a best way to increase the production of chickpea. He is a well-known name in the field of agricultural science, who performed various experiments on Agricultural products. All the experiments of Mahendra Trivedi were typically based on the Trivedi Science, which was applied on all agricultural goods. He believed that for producing or increasing the production of agricultural products doesn’t need any chemical additives like pesticides, fertilizers and so on. He used the natural resource, i.e. water with his Trivedi Science for the production of goods.

His chickpea experiment was conducted at the Agricultural Research Farm of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences. The experiment on chickpea was unreplicated with the gross plot size of 12.0 m x 6.0 m and the treatments involved the seed and plot treatment as per the Trivedi Effect. Mr. Mahendra Trivedi founded the term The Trivedi Effect, in which no artificial chemicals are added for the production of agricultural products. The treated crops were sown on 25th November 2005 and harvested 10th April 2006 as per the Mahendra Trivedi’s directions.

After the Mahendra Trivedi’s experiment, it was observed that the height of the chickpea treated plants was more than the control group plants. The total number of branch and plant was recorded the time of harvesting that was significantly very high in the treated seeds and plot in comparison to the control. The overall growth and yield of chick pea [http://www.trivediagriculture.com/agriculture/agriculture-crop/grains/chick-pea/] plants was more for treated group. There was marked variations in the growth attributing the character of chickpea. Due to the better production of plant and yield attributing characters, the grain in the treated plots was increased by 365.1% and straw yields were increased by 353.3%.

The remarkable outcomes of his experiments were highly appreciated by the scientists. His incredible blessings really work well in the growth of agricultural products. This drastic change in the production of chickpea plants is due to his the Trivedi Effect.

A Comprehensive Guide to Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards are neck straps, commonly used to safely hold badges or ID cards around someone’s neck. They are extensively used by college students and working people in the corporate world. Sometimes, lanyards can even be compulsory for the working force in a specific company or office. Though opinions about them may vary, lanyards can have varied functions. Below you can find a list of some of the most common uses people give to lanyards:

1. Apart from keeping your hands free, the primary function of lanyards is to allow you to carry objects around in an easy, safe and comfortable way.

2. They can allow you to carry your ID card, thus easily displaying your name and designation.

3. The ID card will always safely hang around your neck, thus avoiding its loss.

4. Lanyards are affordable and extremely useful accessories. Apart from their practical use, a nicely designed custom lanyard can become a fancy accessory, attracting everybody’s attention.

5. Custom lanyards can be extremely efficient and eye-catching promotional tools, able to enhance your business’ visibility and attract prospective customers. You can virtually print any type of promotional message or information on your custom lanyards.

However, there are some disadvantages you should be aware of. For example:

1. People can get bored and even irritated if they have to wear their ID cards on a daily basis.

2. Lanyards can have a negative effect on the way you look, especially if the colours choice is inappropriate.

There is a general tendency among different types of companies to invest money in promotional custom lanyards, especially when attending conferences, trade-fares or other types of similar events.

The colours and designs of custom lanyards are carefully chosen by these companies, in an attempt to have these small promotional items clearly reflect their activity type, products or services. Promotional messages, elaborated logos, or contact details are often imprinted or woven into these tiny – yet extremely efficient – promotional vehicles. Manufacturers provide you with the possibility to design your lanyards online and even get samples before making your final order. Furthermore, if you need help with the design of your custom lanyards, a team of specialists is usually available to assist you and guide you through the whole customisation process. You can choose not only the colour of your custom lanyard (a rich palette of colours is usually available for most types of lanyards), but also its length and width, its design, the printing method, or the material. Custom lanyards can be printed on one side, or on both (front and back). And, what’s more, there is something available for all tastes and budgets!

Though lanyards are usually cost-effective, if you order bulks, you can get significant discounts and additional accessories. Most companies require a minimum of 100 lanyards in each order, but the quantity depends on the type of lanyard you are interested in.

To put it simple, these amazing products are not only fashionable items, but also a great way to promote your brand, products, or services.